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Boredom, being burnt out, lack of clarity or certainty, and that gut-wrenching feeling of not being fulfilled are major pitfalls the modern-day Investor, Entrepreneur, and CEO suffers from...You’re NOT ALONE.

(Skeptical? Good. Just Watch the Video.)

Successful people just like you are daring to dream again, learning they can achieve what they never thought possible, and embarking on a new life-altering journey with Solar Funds. Here’s how it all goes down…

Cracking The Modern-Day Entrepreneur


My Friends

Welcome to the most Elite Opportunity you’re going to find on the web today.

This is no BS, and you’re sitting at the doorstep of the next big move in your life...

But first, let me share with you a quick story that may help you understand why I’m someone worth listening to.

You landed on this page for a reason...

...I understand why you’re here, and I’m going to explain it below, but just know this…

5 years ago I was also in a searching mode…


I had just crashed and burned another business I HAD BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP.

It was the summer of 2014, and I had just launched a new financial services company, things were going good, and we were riding high building the company.

We were profitable in our first year and we had…

  • Growing revenues and profits
  • A Growing client base
  • Thousands of happy clients
  • Systems and sequences
  • Complete and total momentum in our space
  • We were DOMINATING

In fact,

We were growing so fast I decided to bring on some other partners to help build the infrastructure of this booming business.

“And then it happened”

After all this building, success and momentum...

I was faced with that stomach twisting feeling we’ve all gotten when we realize everything we’ve built and stand for


I can remember so clearly the feeling I had when in a split second, I realized that my partners were trying to take my company from me

...and these partners who I thought had my/our best interest at heart,


It was quite the opposite.

Let me just ask you...

have you ever heard the saying "Money just makes you more of who you are"?

I'm sure you have, and boy did I ever find myself hating that statement…

Not because money had made me more of something negative, I’ve always had a good heart,

but because I started seeing a side of a couple of my new partners that I really didn't like.

It can be surprising and a little frightening to see this come out of people who’ve convinced you they’re the opposite.

The Greed, The Lust for Power, And The Lies...


To save you a bunch of drama, let's just say things went “South”...

and I found myself in a really bad position that involved attorneys, nasty emails, nasty phone calls, and even physical threats from these so-called "partners",

and eventually I acquiesced and said...


The mental fight was not worth it, knowing what I was capable of and what I knew, I could rebuild and start all over again.

The ending of this toxic business relationship and starting over again ended up being the biggest gift I've ever had other than my beautiful wife and precious little daughter.

It was at this point I stood in front of the mirror with that “Fire In The Belly” feeling that we’ve all had, and most likely you have right now…

“I WANT More”

“I Can BE More”

“I can DO More”

“Something Is Missing & I Must Find It”

...You know how this goes, it’s that primal desire in people like us that says
“I’m Not Going To Settle”.

It was at this point I found myself searching, but at first, I was ONLY searching outwardly…

Nothing seemed to change.


I then decided to do this “weird” thing and actually search INWARDLY.

“Oh c’mon Justin, now your sounding cliche with the inward talk?”

I get it, I totally do.

We all hear this throughout our lives, but that’s USUALLY where it stops.

We “hear” it, but we don’t DO it!

I knew something had to change, so I decided for the first time in my life to DO it.

I started analyzing my thoughts, behaviors, actions…

It was a “deep dive” into myself.

This was foreign to me, but I knew it was necessary.

Then I started to put it all together, and I had some major revelations about people like us (People like you and me)...

I felt free again, and after some SERIOUS soul searching where I figured myself out a little more…

my newfound perspective and realizations led me right into the biggest undiscovered opportunity EVER.

It was like when you're sitting at the poker table, you slowly flip your cards over and a warm sense of


and excitement all wash over you at the same time…

...because the Poker Gods just delivered you a ROYAL FLUSH on a silver platter!

​This was a pivotal moment for me in my career as an entrepreneur and investor.

I had my new revelations, confidence, and my swagger back.

Because of what I had learned, and armed with this new opportunity I had discovered...



We WILL get into what this opportunity is but first you need to know more about what I learned about people like us…

It’s important.

I call it...

The Downfall Of The Modern-Day Entrepreneur

Let’s face it,
we all go through it at some point….

We find ourselves searching... searching for something new…

...but why?

It’s one of the biggest pitfalls of the modern-day entrepreneur.

We get bored, burnt out, we lose passion, and the worse thing of all is the feeling of being unfulfilled.

This leaves us in a very vulnerable state, and this might not be you, but this is the point where many…

(Even VERY Successful) entrepreneurs start unintentionally burning things to the ground or start self-sabotaging everything they’ve built.

If this isn’t you, you’re lucky,

but it could only be a matter of time...

so take a few minutes to learn how, through this opportunity, entrepreneurs are ensuring this doesn’t happen to them,

or if it has...they are fixing it QUICKLY!

You see, as successful business people we have 3 phases that have gotten us here…

I call it the “Success Trifecta”

...and each of these compliment each other and even NEED each other at certain periods of time throughout our journey.

On the next page I’ll explain how they all work and how they affect our lives in meaningful AND destructive ways.

My friend, 

I know you are on this page for one of the reasons mentioned here (unless you just love exploring and looking online at cool crap).

I’m not sure what your exact situation is...

...but I do know there will be an opportunity for you to bridge this gap and find that passion, certainty, clarity, and fulfillment again.

You have a couple of choices here at this point...

you can keep going down the same path with a very likely “Life-Shattering” crash at the end…

...or, you can take meaningful action now because you understand there IS a gap between where you’re presently at, and where you ultimately want to be.

Because, the reality is if you WEREN’T searching then you wouldn’t be hearing this message right now.

But first, let’s think about what NOT doing something could cost you
(if it hasn’t already)…

  1. 1
    The feeling of passion you once had
  2. 2
    The feeling of accomplishment and prestige you once had
  3. 3
    Your relationships with your family and friends, and them noticing something is “different” with you
  4. 4
    Your health, by eating bad, drinking excessively, or, maybe even doing drugs to ease the pain
  5. 5
    Your income, by Burning businesses, investments, and opportunities to the ground, either intentionally or unintentionally (Yes, this is a VERY real pattern many successful people get trapped into doing)
  6. 6
    Your lifestyle, through Strings of bad decisions because your head just isn’t “in the game” anymore!

Now let's look at what DOING something could look like for you

  1. 1
    A solid feeling of passion and drive again
  2. 2
    A feeling of worthiness and the gaining back of confidence and prestige
  3. 3
    The ability to have better, more connected relationships with your family and friends
  4. 4
    Better physical and mental health because you’ve eliminated self-destructive bad habits and your head is in the right place again
  5. 5
    Thriving businesses, investments, and more abundant opportunities
  6. 6
    Strings of great and profitable decisions because you’re more connected and aware

My friend, these two vastly different realities expose the GAP inbetween the current reality and where you ultimately want and need to be.

So when we consciously or subconsciously become aware of this gap, what do we do?

We start searching…

And that is EXACTLY why you’re on this page right now, whether you want to believe it or not.


Here is one of the biggest issues...

The Marketplace is FULL of ridiculous time wasting “Opportunities”

So now that we understand the gap between what's at risk and what fixing it can do for you...

I have a question for you:

How much time have you spent looking for some new venture...

just to quench the thirst of your boredom or to try and avoid the other pitfalls I’ve mentioned?

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes out here in the marketplace then you know 99% of what you can “get into” is complete and total crap!

Am I right?

When you look around at all the scads of “business” and “investing” opportunities and create a list of what it would ACTUALLY take to get it off the ground, doesn’t what you’re currently doing, or what you’ve done in the past, seem easier and with much less work?

Most of today’s true opportunities would require you to rearrange your entire life, and just reduces the time/value proposition you currently have.

Most opportunities will require MORE chaos to be added to your life, not improve it, and as someone who’s bored, burnt out, or looking for certainty...

who needs that?

The Answer: NO ONE!

You need something that is proven, systemized, and simple. You need something that is fun, brings back desire, status, certainty, and most importantly…


What Is This New Possibility That Awaits You?

If you’re reading this page you’ve most likely been successful at something...investing, building a business, heck, you may have even built an empire.

But Friend…

You know there is something bigger, something more meaningful.

You want to create…


You are searching for that feeling of ultimate success, satisfaction, prestige, and status.

How do I know about this strange phenomenon that happens to entrepreneurs?

Because I’ve been there too.

On more than one occasion, I found myself practically burning everything to the ground just because I was “bored” and “burnt out”, my passion was gone, and I’m going to say it…

I was depressed and felt totally ALONE.

When I realized what was happening to me, I took massive action.

I was ruthlessly committed to finding a code, finding a framework that wouldn’t allow me to ever go back to the feelings of boredom, self-sabotage, and depression again...

Over the next couple of years I found it, and this is how I was able to piece together a code for the “Success Trifecta” mentioned above and the “Certainty Trifecta”I’m going to tell you about below.

Together I call them the “Success and Certainty Trifectas”

My fellow seeker,

Today Is A Different Day For You, You’ve Found Something Special...

Shall We Call It Divine Intervention?

I certainly would, because I know it was for me...


today is different because you’ve stumbled across (arguably), the biggest disrupter in the game of Passion, Stability, Status/Ultimate Success

I call this the “Trifecta of Certainty”

We’re going to get to what this opportunity is, but first I want to show you the “Code”
I’ve put together…

...the “Success and Certainty Trifectas”

I already know what you’re thinking…

”Justin, I know I’m bored, burnt out, not excited, lost my passion, confused with the direction of my career, etc., but can we just skip all of this and get to what this opportunity is?”.

My friend, I respect your enthusiasm and acknowledgment of the issues, but the answer is….

N0, not right now….

I need you to first FULLY UNDERSTAND the code that I’s the only way you’ll fully absorb the opportunity that awaits you...the feeling of desire, status, certainty, and ultimate success.

The Trifecta of Success and Certainty is like the firefighting airplane that buzzes above your life and drops 3,000 gallons of fire retardant on all of your issues.

It’s just that powerful...

and the understanding of “IT” is the door into Our World... and YOUR NEW opportunity.

Click the button below and let’s roll on…